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We have lived in beautiful Golden, Colorado for two years (Chicago natives), and we have gained a love for hiking. We live right near North Table Mountain and have hiked to the top countless times. It is a place where we have bonded as a couple and have taken our closest family members for priceless memories. Those moments at the top are always special and provides a calmness one cannot describe. We could have eloped at any amazing mountain peak in Colorado, but the Mesas in Golden mean so much to us and our community. The view at Lichen Peak is indescribable and we knew it was “our spot.” We chose to hike to the top for sunrise because that is when Blaine and I feel most connected. Plus, we are early birds! We met all of our vendors at the base of the Mesa at 6:00am. Everyone pitched in to help carry the heavy flowers and as we hiked we took short breaks to breathe. We arrived at the peak and had the most amazing sunrise lighting and the beautiful noises of nature. We saw a herd of deer clear the area just prior to arriving, it was magical.

Blaine and I knew we wanted to elope right after we got engaged. We really valued having a private and intimate moment. We waited a year after our engagement to start planning and chose our 9th anniversary date as our wedding date. We also decided to have a self-solemnizing ceremony, which is legal in Colorado, and simply means you do not need an officiant present. At first, I was going to plan everything, but I got so overwhelmed even with the small details. I decided to hire a wedding planner and I am so glad I did. In the first phone call, my planner organized all my thoughts and we had an actual guide of how our day was going to go. By choosing an elopement, we were able to focus 100% on our love and how we truly wanted the day to go. We are so glad we made that choice.

I would highly recommend getting a videographer, we were able to share a piece of our wedding with our family and friends. I have watched the teaser everyday since we got married, hehe! We also decided to tell our families and friends prior to getting married so they were not completely surprised. Eloping is not traditional and you may hear negative feedback from family and friends. I would say, stay confident, and it is perfectly okay to elope and always choose what feels right for the both of you. You can always have a few family members present, have a party after the elopement, or even just have a private dance alone at a traditional wedding. If you choose to do an outdoor elopement at a public park, I would check with that county to see if permits are needed. If you do elope, plan a fun or really fancy/special part of the day. We are so glad we had a catered picnic, champagne, and a donut cake. It was a bonus that all our vendors love elopements, love Colorado, and loved having more creative flexibility.

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